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Design Services

We have a team of brilliant designers who have the experience and skills to bring a client’s vision to life, on time and within budget, and are passionate about producing only the best designs. We incorporate time-tested methodologies and modern technologies in our designs and tirelessly oversee projects from initial consultation to final construction.

– Buildings – Products – 3D Visualization – Building Permit Acquisition – Project Management and Contract Administration.

Build Services

We strive to build uniquely designed residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We incorporate the latest know-how in our building style in order to develop functional and comfortable architectural masterpieces that will satisfy the client, while simultaneously protecting the environment.

– Construction – Landscaping.

Engineering Services

We are active in the development, execution, and maintenance of various projects in all sectors of infrastructure in Ghana, and our engineers have the ability to create durable, modern, and cost-effective structures that can bring your vision to life.

– Warehouses – Factories – Earthworks – Irrigation Systems – Drainage Systems – Structural Integrity Assessment of Buildings – MEP Services

Remodeling / Retrofitting Services

For clients interested in installing new building systems, restoring or repairing damaged structures, altering the style or structures of their buildings from the original construction, or converting their property into new spaces, our team specializes in visualizing creative ideas and providing simple plans that can lead to the practical changes the client desires to accomplish.

Interior Design

Limited space for construction requires optimum use of available spaces, and it is our business to produce designs that make the most effective use of interior space, while considering the well-being of users and functionality of the design as per the needs and requirements of the client.

Product Design

Together with our R&D team and the customer, we bring some fresh thinking to existing products to develop new, improved, or more reliable ones. We have the capability to make products when they are not available anywhere, by employing ideas and creating innovative solutions through the most practical processes.

Consultancy Services

We offer a wide range of advisory/guidance services to support clients across various sectors of the building industry, and can be relied on for assistance in matters of building permit acquisition, regulatory compliance, and finding solutions to complex issues that arise at any point in the construction process.

Research & Development

We integrate Research and Development (R&D) into our operations in order to generate new ideas in construction and engineering, and create a more innovative environment by engaging in programs which involve activities that aim to improve efficiency in construction methods, materials, equipment, labour, or management.